Perimeter security

Internal and external logical security are fundamental aspects to consider.

The security of a company is paramount. Network attacks and data loss cause a great disorder and affect the proper functioning and progress of the company. Our solutions include:


It is a part of a system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting authorized communications.

It is a device or set configured to allow, restrict, encrypt, decrypt, traffic between the various fields on the basis of a set of rules and other criteria devices. Our solution is based on industry standards and best practices as regulatory frameworks and xperiencies such implemetaciones.

Some of its main features include:

arr Control network traffic from and to Internet (Firewall *), perimeter security.
arr Protection against external attacks.
arr User control.
arr Generation and VPN management.
arr Connecting to remote computers (laptops).
arr Management of Internet bandwidth.
arr Ips blocking attacks from other parts of ips and addresses reported as attackers.
arr Integration with IPS / IDS.



It is called honeypot software or set of computers whose intention is to attract attackers, pretending to be vulnerable or weak to attack systems. It is a security tool used to collect information on the attackers and their techniques. Honeypots can distract the attackers of the most important machines in the system, and quickly alert the system administrator of an attack, and allow a thorough examination of the attacker, during and after the attack honeypot.