Traffic reconstruction

It is the only industry solution that provides:

arr Full visibility.
arr Captures complete network (layer 2-7), indexing, clasiicacion, packet inspection, storage and reconstruction.
arr Integration with global intelligence networks.
arr Performance and scalability to support large-scale deployments and multiple locations.
arr Obtaining centralized management visibility from different sources and types of facilities (virtual machines, appliances or probes).
arr Integration with existing security tools and control and next generation firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IPS), business management systems security (SIEM), and more.
arr Security Analytical large data (Big data analytics).
arr Treatment real-time intelligence.

Zetattek can only deliver a software solution using advanced threat protection equipment and existing infrastructure, whether virtual machines or installations on servers based on x86_64.

Software safety analysis leads in the fight against major threats on the battlefield thus giving certainty on issues security professionals ensuring full visibility of all that curse your network.

It is an award-winning solution that stores and classifies each packet of network traffic from layer 2 to layer 7 while indexes, classifies and makes an inventory of information, providing comprehensive and analytical intelligence. leaving records of threats in real time allowing ensure the chain of custody of evidence. The result is clear, analysis, Arousal, reconstruction and real-time search. thus ensuring compliance with organizational policy, frameworks and overall safety assurance.